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I’m sorry…

Anyway, I thought you were different and i used to admire you.

I hate my lifeeeeeeeee. I hate everybody!!

Crying for No Reason

I push all my problems to the back of my mind
Then they surface in my dreams, they come alive
I sweep all my issues to somewhere I can’t find
In hope that I’ll forget but there’s just so many times

Why can’t I be strong and just confront all my fears?
When my fear is hurting you by being sincere
But how many more days can I run? How many years?
Emotions flooding and now it’s all seeming so clear

Crying for no reason, feel the tears roll down
I felt strong but am I breaking now?
Crying for no reason ’cause I buried it deep
I made promises I could not keep
‘Cause I never faced all the pain I caused
Now the pain is hitting me full force


Katy B - Crying for No Reason

i don’t want this life, i don’t like myself and i don’t like you.


"hey idiot, remember you don’t have a life and you can cry all day in your bedroom when nobody sees you, so BE STRONG when you’re out"

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